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Laurel received an in-office surgery at Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic and has been very happy with her entire experience. She recovered well and has been able to return to performing the activities she enjoyed prior to her injury. In addition, Laurel saved several thousands of dollars by not using her insurance and paying for the procedure out of pocket. She found the entire experience simpler and much cheaper than using her insurance.  


Amy Eagan, Truman State University Women's Head Basketball Coach

Would highly recommend Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic to anyone with issues! Not only did Dr Joe help get one of my players back 100% but did it in the most caring way. He spent time to understand her problem, evaluate her, explain to her why she was having issues and then recommended the treatment. After being out a year, i never thought she would practice again and she has practiced every day since he helped her! On top of all of this, he has taken the time and effort to check in on her! Great caring and knowledgeable people at Costello! 

Vance Lassey, MD

I had the pleasure of having a full foot exam with Dr. Costello recently. I was very impressed with the time and effort he put into my exam. I am a physician who has really neglected my own health recently, and my feet are paying the price. Not only did he get me on the road to recovery for my foot problems, he got to the heart of the problem (my neglecting my own health) in a very kind, and non-judgemental way, but also, in a way that has motivated me to get back to the gym! His direct model cuts out insurance and government middlemen and makes the price unbeatable, especially for the incredible service! Thanks Dr. Costello! 

Andy Magruder

Highly, highly recommend, Dr. Joe Costello! He pinpointed my issues with shin splints and ordered custom orthotics to correct the problem. He does not accept insurance, BUT gives you a form to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It took me 5 minutes to do. Dr. C is able to spend an hour that includes an exam, X-Rays and specialized testing to isolate any issues. He’s very personable, knowledgeable, explains everything in detail, highly intelligent and an all around cool guy. Go see him; you won’t be disappointed! 

Stacy Moots

Great experience! Dr. Costello listened to me then took time to explain each “step” in a new treatment plan. The technology is cutting edge, the payment system is completely different (you file your own insurance claim) and the physician’s care is outstanding! Thank you, Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic. 

David Lusk

Dr. Costello answered the phone when I called to inquire about services. He was able to get me in on the same day. He was knowledgeable and his treatment was exceptionally effective. I look forward to getting my custom made orthotics and strengthening my stabilizers. I highly recommend this service.  

Jaren Hafen

Do your body a favor and go see Dr. Costello. He's reasonable, reliable, and ready to help! My custom shoe inserts are a dream to walk on. I wish I could have gone years ago.

Brett Kloberdanz

Amazing Doctor! Before the visit, I ran the cost of the appointment through my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and it was going to cost me $1,250! I was very frustrated but then heard about Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic and how their prices were much lower than going through my insurance. I called their clinic before my appointment to see how much it was going to cost and they told me their prices up front! Turns out my appointment only cost me $149! I am so glad they do not deal with insurance because it is so much easier and cheaper!  All of my questions were answered, I had no wait time in the lobby and my appointment was not over until ALL of my questions were answered. Believe me when I say this, if you are having pain you NEED to go see this doctor. I just wish all the other doctors out there would take a lesson from him and the way he runs his business. Incredible experience! 

Marissa Spoo

Dr. Costello has a great bedside manner and really takes time to listen to your needs and address your issues. The fact that he doesn't  accept insurance makes the pricing so easy to understand. He is up-front with his pricing. His cash pricing was so much lower than using my insurance. Highly recommend his business! 

Wes Buck

Dr. Joe Costello took great care of our little guy and is a fantastic resource for our community. Thank you! 

Matt Heeren, JD

I am an active person and want to remain that way.  I have had both hips replaced and want them to last.  Dr. Costello educated me on the importance of making sure my feet were correctly aligned and supported so that the rest of my body is aligned.  After an exam, Dr. Costello prescribed me custom orthotics.  After wearing them I could tell my body felt so much better and it didn't hurt anymore.

Jess Burgason, Northeast Sports Medicine & Rehab Head Athletic Trainer

Dr. Costello has been amazing to work with. Every person I have referred to him have had a great experience and results. They get in very quickly. He is easy to talk with and compassionate about his patients and what’s going on with them. He is amazing with communication to everyone and makes sure patient understands. It’s truly enjoyable to work with Dr. Costello!! 

Alisha Buck

Can’t say enough POSITIVE about Dr. Costello!! Our son was hesitant to go, but Dr. Costello made him comfortable immediately, he’s great with kiddos!! VERY thorough and informative in his exam. Quick. Professional. Caring. Honest answers. Affordable. All around a GREAT experience and would encourage anyone having feet issues to give his office a call. You won’t be disappointed!

Cheryl Dorrell

I had an amazing experience at Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic! I had a foot injury and went in for an x-ray. I paid a small fraction of what it would have cost me to be seen at another office. He took time to explain things thoroughly and made sure I understood the issue and how to take care of it. I would highly recommend Dr. Costello. 

Kim Wayman

I had severe pain in the bottom of my foot. I doctored in Columbia for 6 months with no relief at all. I felt like I was not being listened to or taken seriously. I decided to see Dr. Costello as he is a hometown doctor. He did a thorough exam and really listened to my problems. Within 1 month I am absolutely pain FREE! I highly recommend him!! Dr. Costello is Amazing, caring, genuine and up to date on current procedures and techniques. 

J.T. Hudson

Dr. Joe really knows his stuff. You won't find a more inviting environment, along with a friendly and courteous staff. He has an ability to explain the problem and remedy to make you understand very clearly. As a fairly new practice in our area, I would definitely recommend giving him a shot, you won't be disappointed. 

Cheryl Dorrell

My 8 year old hurt his ankle.  I called this office and asked if they could help and Dr. Costello said bring him down now.  He took x-rays that he read right there on the spot.  He fitted him for a boot right there.  He was kind and took his time to explain everything to me and my son.  All of this cost a fraction of what I would have paid someplace else.  I would highly recommend Dr. Costello to anyone! 

Laurel Harrison, DVM

Dr. Costello gave me options when a chronic foot injury was not healing. He also was able to provide me with reasonably priced surgical care when my insurance ignored my plea for help. His care is exceptional and I highly recommend his clinic to anyone in need of foot/ankle care. 

J.T. Hudson

Dr. Joe really knows his stuff. You won't find a more inviting environment, along with a friendly and courteous staff. He has an ability to explain the problem and remedy to make you understand very clearly. As a fairly new practice in our area, I would definitely recommend giving him a shot, you won't be disappointed. 

Sean Smith

Dr Costello helped diagnose and successfully treat a problem I had endured for a year with my big toe. I had went to several other doctors prior who couldn't help me.

My experience with the other doctors was long waits, apathy and one doctor telling me nothing was physically wrong and that I needed to stay off it and take pain meds.

My experience with Doctor Costello. I call, someone actually answers the phone immediately, I schedule the appointment that week, no waiting, doctor Costello spent an hour with me talking about my problem actually listened to me, performed a physical evaluation along with X -Rays, gait analysis. Doctor Costello implemented a treatment plan and within a few weeks my pain was GONE! Also their direct payment process is easy and affordable and much cheaper than my insurance.

Highly recommend Dr. Costello!

Zel Eaton

I am a first time patient with Dr. Costello. I found him to be knowledgeable and very professional. He immediately puts the patient at ease and provides a detailed description of the problem and the recommended solution. If one has issues with their feet I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Costello.

Gracie Hamilton

Certainly one of the best doctors I’ve been too! I have a reoccurring problem ingrown toenails, before he performed the procedure he explained everything in a very professional manner and got me in and out no problem! I would highly recommend Dr. Costello, you won’t be disappointed! 

Cathy Payne

Compared to other Podiatry practices this one stand above. The fact that you can come in, know what it costs, (which is 50-70% OR MORE) lower than regular Podiatrist rates in most cases is amazing. Why? Because he doesn't take insurance. Which means, that you can see the Doctor for so much less, you don't even have to consider using your health insurance, and you STILL save big. Non Insurance Practices are the newest innovation in saving big on Healthcare. Oh yeah, and he's a great Doc too. Takes time. No rushing. Old time Doctoring in the twenty first century. 

Melody Chambers

We were referred to Dr. Costello by a friend when my daughter had recurrent ankle pain. Turns out she had cartilage damage and she has since been under his care for multiple reasons. Every visit reveals even more about the excellence of his practice. He is consistently patient, thorough and compassionate -- going above and beyond to support her overall well-being -- and personally following-up on her condition. It may be a Foot & Ankle Clinic, but with Dr. Costello you get a top notch physician with excellent interpersonal skills who thinks holistically about patient care! 

Jennifer Kloberdanz

 I just got back from my appointment with Dr. Costello and I am so impressed! I battled terrible heel pain for years and had been to many other doctors and none had been able to help me. I am proud to say that for the first time in years I am now pain free! His bedside manner is the best and the clinic is absolutely beautiful. However, the best part of the visit was that for once, I knew exactly what I was going to get for my money. His prices are a godsend and the fact that he doesn't deal with insurance makes things so easy! I am so glad I found him!  

Terri Wynn-Turner

 Dr Costello is wonderful! He's so nice & very professional. He's a great addition to Kirksville! 

Kristen Williams, JD

Dr. Costello literally saved my foot. I cannot thank him and his family enough for coming to Kirksville with his expertise. He not only diagnoses and recommends the perfect remedy but he does so with amazing clarity for those of us who know nothing about feet. Thank you so much Dr. Costello. You are wise and kind. I will recommend you to no end.