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ASk the doc: why do my toes go numb on the elliptical?


Treadmill Injuries

The treadmill can be a valuable piece of exercise equipment but be cautious if you are injured! Due to unchanging ground reaction forces the treadmill may actually make your injuries worse! If possible, try to change up the surfaces you walk or run on and use a variety of exercises to meet your fitness goals.

New Years Fitness Goals

It’s that time of year when we make our New Year’s Resolutions! However, sometimes we have a tendency to go a little overboard and in doing so we can end up with overuse injuries. If you decide to embark on a fitness quest for the new year then do so slowly to avoid overuse injuries. Watch Dr. Costello explain how to ensure you do not get sidelined by an injury in an effort to achieve your fitness goals.  

Service is a Priority

At Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic we offer same day appointments, no lobby wait time and you will be seen on time. If your appointment is scheduled for 10:00 and you arrive on time, guess what, you will be seen right at 10:00. We value your time at Costello Foot and Ankle Clinic and always place the patient first.

Embarrassed by foot odor?

Embarrassed by foot odor? You don’t have to be! Foot odor is caused by bacteria and fungus and is treatable. With a simple spray of our Antimicrobial Shoe Spray you can kill the bacteria and fungus that lives inside your shoes and no longer have to hide from that embarrassing smell.